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Video Highlights

okt 8 2020


Okt 1 2020


Das Oktoberfest Special featuring Rooie Jager.

sept 24 2020


Sept 17 2020


JULY 9 2020


Special guest: Sjoerd Ewals (Jera On Air).

July 2 2020


JUNE 25 2020


Special guest: Marco Roelofs.

June 4 2020


Paul & Tjerk talk to Peter, Steven and Sander about their initiative to digitalise old footage of metalconcerts in Eindhoven: Eindhoven Metal History. With some exclusive footage from of course Dynamo Metal Fest but also the reunion concert of the Death Angel.

JUNE 11 2020


Special guest: Luc Favié.

June 4 2020


In LNTV#8 Tjerk & Paul talk about beer! Because the men and metalfans behind Happy Face beers are their guests. There also is a skype interview with Robert Hoetink, the man who made the dressing room picture on the Ride the Lightning innersleeve and he will tel us the story about that!

May 28 2020


In Loud Noise TV#7 Tjerk & Paul have a special guest: Peter van Elderen a.k.a. Pedro Speedrock, singer/guitarplayer for Peter Pan Speedrock and now Tankzilla. He will show his favourite video's and talk about them. Also his frend Dikke Dennis comes to visit the studio and Alma has a skyinterview with Daniel from Textures.

May 21 2020


Paul & Tjerk talk to Maurice form Legion of the Damned, Alma skypes with Marloes from Izegrim.

May 14 2020


Tjerk & Paul do a skype-interview with Paradise Lost-singer Nick Holmes. Sander Gommans (After Forever) and Scott Wenmakers are n the studio telling about their project Magic-o-Metal.

May 7 2020


Tjerk & Paul encounter some technical problemen in the 4th episode of Loud Noise TV. Interviews with Alma Alizdeh from For i am King, Mende bij de Leij from Aborted and Frank Helmink from Buma Cultuur. Theme is the best video's from 2020 so far.

April 30 2020


The third is a wrap. Peter Kwint is our guest and we announce our special Killed by Covid 19 shirts for DMF and ITG.

April 23 2020


The second episode from our weekly livestream. Clips, questions answers and an interview with Craig Locicero.

April 16th 2020


Our very first stream. We are answering some questions about our festivals and play some of our own favorites.  

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