Carpenter Brut at the Effenaar

Date: 18.03.2018

Price: 22,50 EUR

Ticket Link: Tickets

Website: Effenaar


The synthwave band of the moment is coming to nail down Eindhoven with an incredible overload of 80’s sounds and visuals.

Carpenter Brut gets their inspiration, sounds and visuals from 80’s shows and B-movies. Their synths sound like distorted versions of Justice tracks with a horror note reminiscent of John Carpenter. They add a sharp metal twist to it all and vocal samples from movies like Flashdance. In other words; anything awesome, wrong and retrocool about the 80’s gets mixed up and fired at you like an overload of sound and visuals. And that’s awesome. Incredibly awesome! During Roadburn and Eurosonic Noorderslag these bad ass carpenters proved they give away one of the greatest liveshows of the moment, and tonight they will nail us down even further.

This show is a collaboration between the venue Effenaar, Loud Noise and Bidi Bookings. This show takes place on March 18th, 2018. Get your tickets here.