The Sound Of Revolution: time for a new festival!

The Sound Of Revolution: time for a new festival!

The Sound Of Revolution: time for a new festival!

The Sound Of Revolution is a brand new festival at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven (Netherlands) on Saturday November 19. Hardcore is the focus and hosting bands like Ignite (USA), Cockney Rejects (UK), Judge (USA), Discharge (UK), No Turning Back (NL), Discipline (NL), Lifeless (USA), Angel Crew (NL/BE) and World Eater (DE), will certainly make this first edition count.

The Sound of Revolution is promoted by booking agency Loud Noise in cooperation with Dynamo in Eindhoven. These companies already work together on Dynamo Metalfest and continue their fruitful collaboration with this new festival.

Having an agent with a profound connection to the hardcorescene join the Loud Noise team, was the perfect occasion to start promoting such a festival. Martijn van den Heuvel is the frontman for Dutch hardcore band No Turning Back for close to 20 years now and joined Loud Noise several months ago. “Touring the world for close to 20 years has connected me thoroughly with a lot of hardcore bands and band members I am proud to call friends now”, says Van Den Heuvel. “It has been a dream of mine for years to promote a hardcore festival, having bands and idols from my youth come and play. And now it’s becoming a reality”.

Sixteen bands will grace the two stages. “We want to cover all aspects of hardcore, so we’ll have all different subgenres in our scene covered.”

Orange County’s IGNITE will act as one of the headliners and will play a Dutch exclusive at the festival. Ignite embodies what hardcore is about; socio critical lyrics and strong riffs with a hook, as can be heard on the new album A War Against You.

Oi! Oi! Oi! Isn’t just a phrase, it’s also a song by legendary British punk band COCKNEY REJECTS, inspiring many bands to play the same style. The band’s rough image was omnipresent in the early days, creating an atmosphere of destruction fueled by razorsharp lyrics and bold riffs. “I have always been crazy about bands like Cockney Rejects and Discharge, bands who had a major influence on hardcore as a genre”, says Van Den Heuvel.

The European exclusive show of New York hardcore legends JUDGE is bound to bring in fans from all over Europe. Van Den Heuvel; ”This makes my hardcore heart skip a beat, these are my childhood heroes”. Judge will headline the second stage that will have no barriers; stage dives and sing-a-long galore as it’s supposed to at a hardcore show!

Acting as a curator of the festival, of course Van Den Heuvel will jump on stage fronting his own band No Turning Back. And Eindhoven streetcore pride is represented by Discipline, it’s unimaginable hosting a festival like this without them.

At the end of July, The Sound Of Revolution will announce the full line up, which will feature more world famous names.

Tickets for The Sound Of Revolution are 25 EURO (excl. service charge) and are on sale now. Tickets can be purchased HERE


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