Into The Grave announces Slayer

Into The Grave announces Slayer

Into The Grave announces Slayer

The legendary American metal band Slayer has been confirmed as the headliner for the Dutch metal festival Into the Grave 2016. The festival started out as a one day festival, but the organization decided to expand the festival to two days next year; the 12th and 13th of August, 2016. This means that the rock festival CityRock Leeuwarden will not be held next year. Aside from Slayer, the festival organization is also adding another 11 bands and among them are the likes of Kreator, Airbourne and Carcass!

Booking a band as world-renowned as Slayer is a dream come true for any organizer of a metal festival. That is exactly the reason why the organisation of Into the Grave did not let this opportunity slip. Every metal fan knows the classics such as Raining Blood, Hell Awaits and Angel of Death. Hearing these songs together with the great head bang tracks of the latest record Repentless and you know you are in for a party on Friday the 12th of August 2016.

Eleven more names have been added to the line-up, aside from Slayer and the earlier announced band Exodus. Airbourne, Kreator, Carcass, Amaranthe, Alestorm, The Black Dahlia Murder, Tribulation, Scar Symmetry, Vektor, Evil Invaders and Gruesome will share the stage in the town of Leeuwarden. Two more bands will be added on Saturday, the day that will be headlined by Slayer. Various types of metal are represented on this festival, as is tradition on Into the Grave, so metal fans get the opportunity to discover new names along with seeing their favorites.

Thrash and death metal fanatics can bang their heads to the songs of famous metal acts such as the British band Carcass and the German group Kreator. The American band Vektor accelerate even more by playing blistering progressive thrash metal. Bands such as Tribulation from Sweden, fellow Swedes Scar Symmetry and The Black Dahlia Murder from America combine death metal with either a retro or a very modern sound, which makes them one of a kind in the genre. Metal fans who are in for a party are advised to watch the show of the Scottish pirate metallers of Alestorm or raise their fists to the catchy rock of Australian band Airbourne. The Danes and Swedes of Amaranthe play melodic metal with brutal, yet catchy songs. Upcoming bands such as speed metal formation Evil Invaders from Belgium and Gruesome from America get the chance to showcase their talents to a large audience.


A two-day ticket for Into the Grave will cost €45 and tickets are already on sale. It’s also possible to get a day ticket. For the Friday, a ticket will cost €35 and for the Saturday it will cost €15. Service costs may be added to these ticket prices! The early bird tickets for Saturday are pretty much sold out. There will also be an early bird ticket for Friday: the first 1000 tickets only cost €25. Be quick, we expect that they will be sold out soon. Already purchased combi tickets for CityRock Leeuwarden and Into the Grave will still be valid.

In cooperation with the WTC Westcord Hotel, there will be hotel rooms available for guests of Into the Grave. For more information, check out The organization is in talks with the municipality about organizing a festival camping.

Into the Grave 2016 will be held on August 12 and 13, 2016 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.